Will Sullivan

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William Francis Joseph Sullivan, as he is known to some, is a restaurant manager, aspiring internet personality, and a consumer and lover of media. He is especially taken with film, television and comics. He is a founding member of Baltic Avenue Productions and proudly hosts its flag ship show The Pitch with his best friend Jason Wessling. You can also find him on Baltic's Dungeon and Dragons podcast Baltic & Dragons. He is very proud of the community of creatives that Baltic is forming and hopes you enjoy!


Jason Wessling


Jason lived in Nebraska until he was a big strong man.While studying in Lincoln to be a teacher, Jason learned that he would probably make a really bad teacher. Sure he could engage kids and make learning exciting, but who wants to deal with that. Teenagers suck. So he moved to Minneapolis.

There, he began working at a restaurant and still cannot spell restaurant without the spell check correcting him. While working at that food buying spot, he met Will Sullivan. 

Eventually as time went on, Jason was contacted by Will to co-host a podcast, The Pitch. Since then he has been involved in almost everything creatively Baltic Avenue Production has produced. While bringing his own unique personal style to The Pitch, he also produces Baltic and Dragons, Baltic Avenue's DND role playing podcast. Jason was also successful in roping his girlfriend Maggie Matz into producing and editing podcasts for Baltic Avenue.  


Look for more to come from Jason and Baltic Avenue as he and the team are actively creating and brainstorming stupid, stupid ideas that they'll probably forget to write down. 


Maggie  jayne Matz


Maggie Jayne grew up obsessing over pop music and dreamed of being a popstar or top-chart producer. She started making SICK beats on her Roland MC-505 and decided she'd rather be behind the scenes instead of in the limelight. After completing two audio-production degrees she took a liking to editing audio and producing music on the side. Soon after graduating college she became employed with a local AV company and decided that was the right career path for her. She proudly produces Baltic's flagship podcast The Pitch and will be a frequent guest on Podcast Gibraltar. Although she will never become a huge popstar, she is happy sitting at home with her man and kitties while endlessly grinding away on the latest popular video game. 



Jeff Van Gerwen


Jeff “Fin” Van Gerwen is an award winning film maker and co-host of the Franchise Fanatics. He grew up obsessing over Star Wars and Kevin Smith movies, which led him down the path towards film making. Shortly after graduating from college, Jeff began work on a script for a short film. Through actor Bowen Cochran, Jeff found his way up to Minneapolis where he was first introduced to the Baltic family. The rest is history. His debut short film “It’s Quiet Here” has been recognized at film festivals around the country bringing home the Gold Award for Best Drama at the L.A. Shorts Awards, Best Actor in an Indie Film, and Best Indie Short. Jeff is also in charge of the social media marketing and video editing for Baltic.



Madyson "Mady" Kendall


First thing to know about Madyson is she's from The Lou and proud. She is also a former resident of the 612 where she met the co hosts but now spends her time in Denver with her kindred spirits who also treat dogs like people. She brings a much needed shot of estrogen and unofficial fact checker here at Baltic, you're sure to hear her signature "but actually" sooner or later.



Rex Davenport

Rex Davenport was most likely born in the 1920’s somewhere in Ireland or Iowa (hard to read the handwriting, sorry). When he’s not trying to kill players in Dungeons and Dragons, he chooses the more relaxed activity of merely locking people in rooms. No – it’s nothing weird like that, why would you think of something that disgusting? He’s the manager at Escape the Room Minneapolis, that’s all you freak. And then in his downtime from all that fun, he proprietors the Green Hat Public House and Brewery, a modest speakeasy located in the comforts of his own home.