Episode 30: "aWoooo! Werewolves of Domhain"


Brizban the Cleric, Tralion the Druid, and Aka Akami the Wizard all sprint into a werewolf/ were-gnome infested forest. All of this to save Hazel who wandered off on her own. Tralion turns into a riding dog to carry her off to safety, but it isn't fast enough. Soon the leader of the were-gnomes shows up. A giant hind standing were-gnome banishing axes. 

Produced by: Rex Davenport & Jason Wessling 

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Hazel Everwett                           Will Sullivan           

Tralion Darkeyes                        Jason Wessling     

Aka Akamai                                Luke Myer          

 Brisbane Blood-Boyle the 4th   Zippy Schmidt

Baltic Productions