Episode 24: Badger and Co, Automaton Repair


The party is deep in the heart of Black Staves territory. Our heroes arrived at the industrial swamp town of Thistledown to find and take out the leader of the Black Staves. A gnome mechanic known as Badger, tracked them down and brought them to a tavern to talk. With a couple nervous ticks, he stuttered that he was there to help in anyway by order of Balder Hain. Hazels is suspicious, but the party insists on pushing forward with the mission!

Produced by: Jason Wessling 

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Hazel Everwett                           Will Sullivan           

Tralion Darkeyes                        Jason Wessling     

Aka Akamai                                Luke Myer          

 Brisbane Blood-Boyle the 4th   Zippy Schmidt

Baltic Productions